Shizengo Tokubetsu Junmai

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The word “Tokubetsu” is a designation that generally means two things; 1) that the rice is milled or polished at a
higher rate, and 2) that the rice use in the productions of sake is unique or special.
Aromas of pear, marshmallow, white chocolate and passion fruit make this a light intriguing sake. Rich and full
bodied, this sake coats the mouth with savory and herbaceous flavors of poached pear, orange marmalade,
cooked zucchini, toasted oat, and cookie dough. Yumenokaori is a particular rice known to grow well in this
prefecture of Japan. Additionally, wild yeast fermentation gives this sake body, a hint of color and umami notes,
finishing bold and exciting on the palate. ABOUT OOKI DAIKICHI:
Originally built for the purpose of making soy sauce and miso, it is unclear when this brewery’s sake production
began. This is a very traditional brewery that maintains a sustainable approach to brewing since its beginning in
1865. Only wild yeast is used in fermentation of the sake, which results in a more challenging lengthy process and
a fermentation that cannot be controlled as easily as those made with purchased yeast. Yumenokaori rice is
sourced from a nearby town. At this brewery blending of new and aged sake is common in their production
process, but the Tokubetsu Junmai is the result of a single brewing year.

cheap provigil prescription FOOD PAIRINGS:
Roasted Poultry, Tempura, Grilled Mussels and Clams, and Fish with Curry Sauce, Grilled Zucchini and Baked

singel kvinna i forsa-hög CHEESE PAIRINGS:
Prima Donna, Compte, Foggy Morning

POLISHSING: 60% / ALCOHOL: 15-15% / SMV: -7.0 / RICE: Yumenokaori / YEAST: Wild yeast