Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi Namazake Junmai Ginjo


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Fresh and lively on the palate, this Namazake (unpasteurized sake) possesses a nose full of persimmon, citrus and
anise. Bold, bright flavors on the palate feature peach pie, vanilla wafers, lime and licorice. Using
Gohyakumangoku rice for the koji adds elegant fruit and floral aspects. Most intriguing is the subtle, clean, and
crisp minerality that show throughout the taste and in the lingering finish.

Shirataki Brewery is located in the heart of the Japanese Alps called “Snow Country” in the Niigata Prefecture.
Each spring the snowpack melts providing an abundance of clear natural spring water. This water runs through a
coal seam providing a natural filtration process that accentuates the taste and quality of the water. This very soft
water is the secret behind the very light, elegant, pretty style of sake made at Shirataki. The town of Echigo
Yuzawa is home to “Koshi Ikari” a famous high-quality table and sake rice brand in Japan, as well as “Koshi Ibuki,
which is used in their light elegant style sake and “Koshi Tanrei” which is used in their sake with richer fuller flavor.

Sushi Nigiri of fatty fish, or oysters, omelets, lighter Italian, Chinese, and French dishes, and fried, salty food.

Hard salty cheese, such as Pecorino Romano, or Italian Raschera, or an 18-month Gouda.

POLISHING: 60% / ALCOHOL: 15.5% / SMV: +5.0 / RICE: Gohyakumangoku, Koshi Ibuki / YEAST: K1801
IDEAL TEMP: CHILLED + + 41° – 50°F

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