Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi Junmai Ginjo Hiyaoroshi *Special Seasonal Release!


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TASTING NOTES: The 2021 Hiyaoroshi is aromatic with notes of persimmon, cherry, Japanese-sweet potato and star anise. It is medium bodied, juicy, softly clean and lush in texture. The palate reflects the aromas, as well as red plum, winter squash, and a soft seam of minerality. 

Hiyaoroshi is a special Fall-release sake—a once-pasteurized bottling that celebrates the arrival of Fall and start of the brewing year on World Sake Day—October 1, 2021. This arrived just after it’s release, and it is delightful!

Shirataki Shuzo is located in the heart of the Japanese Alps called “Snow Country” in the Niigata Prefecture. Each Spring the snowpack melts providing an abundance of clear natural spring water. This water runs through a coal seam providing a natural filtration process that accentuates the taste and quality of the water. This very soft water is the secret behind the very light, elegant, pretty style of sake made at Shirataki. The town of Echigo Yuzawa is home to “Koshi Ikari” a famous high-quality table and sake rice brand in Japan, as well as “Koshi Ibuki, which is used in their light elegant style sake and “Koshi Tanrei” which is used in their sake with richer fuller flavor.

Chawanmushi, tofu donabe, Japanese sweet potato, miso ramen

Epoisses, humboldt fog, fresh chevre

POLISHING: 60% / ALCOHOL: 16-17% / SMV: +3 / RICE: Koshi Tanrei / YEAST: K1801
IDEAL TEMP: CHILLED + + [41 – 68° F]

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