Tsuji Zenbei Shoten

Tochigi, Mooka-shi – Brewer: Hiroyuki Tsuji – Founded 1743


Tsuji Zenbei was founded by a family that still holds ownership, the young owner of this brewery is the 16th generation. It is also a brewery that is surrounded with very soft local well-water that allows them to make sake with more umami. Tsuji Zenbei uses many different types of amazing rice, including Yamadanishiki, Omachi, Gohyakuman- goku, Yumenishiki, Tochigi 14, Miyamanishik and Ashinoyume, which are all locally sourced. In particular, this brewery is known for their organization with its aging process of their sake. They have five different refrigerators with different temperatures for all of them to maintain the quality of each of their different kinds of sakes during the process. This sake is made to be enjoyed with food. Stylistically, they are making sake that appeals to a younger market, and this brewery has the extreme passion of improving their sake each year compared to the previous year no matter what.

Tsuji Zenbei is one of the few breweries in our portfolio that owns their personal rice polishing machine.