Inoue Seikichi Co, Sawahime

Tochigi, Tochigi Prefecture – Brewer: Inoue Seikichi – Founded 1868



Young Inoue toji (Master Brewer) from Sawahime believes in true local sake and having fun. He believes that local sake should be made with local rice and yeast by local brewers to be “true” local sake or jizake. He also thinks sake making should be fun and enjoyable. Thus, that element is bottled up with his sake and travels to us.


Sticking to his philosophy, Inoue-toji formed a new master brewers’ school, Shimotsuke Toji last November with two other brewers inTochigi. The declining number of toji and the aging of the community is a constant issue for sake brewers and sake lovers. So, this unusual movement to create a new school with a younger generation of brewers is a welcome development.

Sawahime uses all local rice, Hitogokochi or Gohyakumangoku and local yeast. His passion for sake shined through in 2010 when he was voted as the best Daiginjo in the world at the International Wine Challenge in London. This sake is made to be served with food and pair perfectly with the seasons.



Sawahime Shimotsuke Junmai Daiginjo


Sawahime Ginjo


Sawahime Junmai Ginjo


Sawahime Yamahai Junmai


Sawahime Tokubetsu Junmai


Sawahime Tokubetsu Honjozo