Matsui Shuzo, Matsuno Kotobuki

go to link Shioya-Gun, Tochigi Prefecture – Brewer: Shigeki Matsui – Founded 1865   Matsuno Kotobuki Ginjo Gohyakumangoku This beautifully balanced, honjozo style sake is clean and refreshing with a nose reminiscent of pine needles, lychee, wintergreen and dried pear. Slightly off dry on the palate and full of eucalyptus, cucumber and mineral notes, the added alcohol makes for a … Continue reading Matsui Shuzo, Matsuno Kotobuki

Tsuru Noe Shuzo, Aizu Chushou

Aizu Wakayama, Fukushima Prefecture – Brewer: Yoshimasa Sakai – Founded 1794 The city Aizu Wakayama where this sake is brewed has very drastic weather patterns, creating distinctive seasonal changes helping the local farmers to grow some of the best rice in Japan. Rice requires heavy rainfall, cool winters and hot humid summers. The temperature variation increases between … Continue reading Tsuru Noe Shuzo, Aizu Chushou

Tsujizenbei Shoten

Mooka, Tochigi Prefecture – Brewer: Hiroyuki Tsuji – Founded 1743 Tsujizenbei sake is from Tochigi and is surrounded by amazing local wells and one of the top rice growing regions of Japan. Mooka has a humid subtropical climate with hot humid summers and cool winters. Precipitation is heavy in the summer wet season, especially from July to … Continue reading Tsujizenbei Shoten

Inoue Seikichi Co, Sawahime

Tochigi, Tochigi Prefecture – Brewer: Inoue Seikichi – Founded 1868   Young Inoue toji (Master Brewer) from Sawahime believes in true local sake and having fun. He believes that local sake should be made with local rice and yeast by local brewers to be “true” local sake or jizake. He also thinks sake making should be fun and enjoyable. Thus, that element … Continue reading Inoue Seikichi Co, Sawahime