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Shimaoka Shuzo, Gunma Izumi

Ota shi, Gunma Prefecture – Brewer: Tokutaro Fuse – Founded 1863 Located in the eastern region of the Gunma prefecture, between the Tone and Watarase rivers, this traditional brewery prides itself on producing sake in small batches to maintain taste and quality. Because of the years of traditional sake making that goes into the sake at this … Continue reading Shimaoka Shuzo, Gunma Izumi

Tsujizenbei Shoten

Mooka, Tochigi Prefecture – Brewer: Hiroyuki Tsuji – Founded 1743 Tsujizenbei sake is from Tochigi and is surrounded by amazing local wells and one of the top rice growing regions of Japan. Mooka has a humid subtropical climate with hot humid summers and cool winters. Precipitation is heavy in the summer wet season, especially from July to … Continue reading Tsujizenbei Shoten

Inoue Seikichi Co, Sawahime

Tochigi, Tochigi Prefecture – Brewer: Inoue Seikichi – Founded 1868   Young Inoue toji (Master Brewer) from Sawahime believes in true local sake and having fun. He believes that local sake should be made with local rice and yeast by local brewers to be “true” local sake or jizake. He also thinks sake making should be fun and enjoyable. Thus, that element … Continue reading Inoue Seikichi Co, Sawahime