Inoue Seikichi Co., LTD

metoclopramide brand name canada Tochigi, Utsunomiya – Brewer: Inoue Seikichi – Founded 1868 Inoue Seikichi Company lies in Utsunomiya. The young Toji and owner of this brewery, Hiro Inoue, believes it is very important that this brewery use everything from his local area, from the rice down to playing the music of a local artist to the sake during … Continue reading Inoue Seikichi Co., LTD

Ooki Daikichi Honten

Fukushima, Yabu-cho  – Brewer: Yuta Ooki  – Founded 1865 The region of Yabu-kimachi is famous for a long history of feudal fighting and battles. The original Toji founded Ooki Daikichi with the express interest to produce the best sake possible and to share this sake with the wounded and dying samurai of the battling camps. … Continue reading Ooki Daikichi Honten

Shimaoka Shuzo

Gunma, Ota-shi Prefecture – Brewer: Tokutaro Fuse – Founded 1863 Located in the eastern region of the Gunma Prefecture, between the Tone and Watarase rivers, this traditional brewery prides itself on producing sake in small batches to maintain taste and quality. Because of the years of traditional sake making that goes into the sake at … Continue reading Shimaoka Shuzo

Shata Shuzo

Musashi, Ishikawa, Hakusan – Founded 1823 Musashi Miyamoto was a famous samurai in Japan. Musashi is renowned through stories of his unique double bladed swordsmanship and undefeated record in his 60 duels. Usually guards of japanese swords are pompously decorated. But the guard of his sword was very simple and had no ornate decoration,as it indicates his noble … Continue reading Shata Shuzo

Shirataki Shuzo

Niigata, Echigo-Yuzawa Town – Brewer: Shingo Yamaguchi – Founded 1855 Shirataki Shuzo was established in 1855 with the belief that the best sake is made using the finest locally sourced ingredients. This philosophy has been passed down through seven generations. The brewery is based in Echigo Yuzawa Town in Niigata Prefecture, an area renowned for … Continue reading Shirataki Shuzo

Tsujizenbei Shoten

Tochigi, Mooka-shi – Brewer: Hiroyuki Tsuji – Founded 1743 Tsujizenbei was founded by a family that still holds ownership, the young owner of this brewery is the 16th generation. It is also a brewery that is surrounded with very soft local well-water that allows them to make sake with more umami. Tsujizenbei uses many different … Continue reading Tsujizenbei Shoten

Tsurunoe Shuzo

Fukushima, Aizu Wakamatsu – Brewer: Yoshimasa Sakai – Founded 1794 The city of Aizu Wakayama where this sake is produced has very drastic weather patterns, creating distinctive seasonal changes. The harsh weather changes allow the farmers to grow high quality rice. Rice requires heavy rainfall, cool winters and hot humid summers, marked by increased temperature … Continue reading Tsurunoe Shuzo